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As a Matthew 25 church we commit ourselves to:

Building Congregational Vitality

Dismantling Structural Racism

Eradicating Systemic Poverty

The congregation spent four weeks in deep study and prayer for our divided nation in the context of race relations.  We sought to speak the truth, hear the truth, educate ourselves on local and historical racism and place it within God's story.

You are invited to look through the PowerPoint presentations and continue to engage in the conversation.

A knee on a neck
laying bare for all to see
the evil of
choking the life from
God’s beloved
just because. 

We know what must change.
Will we, church? 

We have written many
true, significant,
sometimes even sincere

We have confessed:
Belhar, C’67, Barmen… 

Enough words?
Never enough witness. 

We know we must change.
Will we, church? 

Local Resources:

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Denomination Resources


At the 224th General Assembly, the Presbyterian Church (USA) overwhelming affirmed

Black Lives Matter. 

The Assembly action can be found here.

Responding to the Sin of Racism and a Call to Action

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