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Hand Hygiene

Staying Healthy...

With the spread of the coronavirus, we are taking precautions to stay healthy.

- Social Distancing- 6 feet apart 

- Everyone is encouraged to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth 

- Use Antibacterial Cleanser

If you are sick, please stay at home.

Online worship will continue to be available.


front royal presbyterian

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Updated- July 14, 2020

Front Royal Presbyterian Church will resume in person worship once the rate of COVID infection steadily declines for two weeks,

on the third week, in person worship will resume.

Cases have been rising each day, therefore, we will continue with online worship in order to love our neighbors and our community. 


We have designated a health coordinator team that consists of Tracey Ramey, Sallie Hall and Pastor Carrie. They will see that guidelines are followed and be available for questions or concerns.


As we begin the process of returning to normal, these are the mandatory requirements that must be met according to the state of Virginia:


  • Occupancy shall be limited to no more than 50%


  • Individuals attending religious services must always be seated at least six feet apart. Family members may be seated together.


  • Everyone is encouraged to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth 

    • We will have clean and sanitized masks available if needed.


  • No items must be passed to or between attendees, who are not family members


  • A thorough cleaning and disinfection of frequently contacted surfaces will be conducted prior to and following any religious service.


  • Post signage at the entrance that states the following:

    • Entrance only and exit only doors

    • Public reminders regarding social distancing, health concerns and signs and symptoms


In addition:

  • All interior doors will remain open to eliminate passing of germs.

  • Sanitizing Stations will be made available

  • Hymnals and Bibles will be removed from the pews

  • The choir will be suspended, and the congregation will not sing hymns.

  • Shorter worship services to eliminate the use of restrooms

  • There will be no nursery or Children’s Worship

  • Dismissal will be by pews beginning in the rear of the church and congregants will be asked to not congregate in the building following the service

  • There will be no bulletin

  • Offering may be placed upon entering the sanctuary

  • We will fill in pews beginning in the front, you may not be able to sit in your normal pew

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